Gel Half Coated Corn Pads

Soft, comfortable, stretchable fabric tubing that is lined with a moisturizing gel pad that comforts and cushions sensitive corns and calluses. Absorbs shock and pressure better than less effective drugstore foam products that quickly wear out.


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Tubing is cut-to-size for a custom fit – must be trimmed to meet individual sizing needs. Dermatologically tested, diabetic friendly, latex-free, washable and reusable. Two sizes- 20 mm and 35 mm. 20 mm is suitable for most fingers and toes. Use the 35 mm with the great toes or thumbs.

  • Guards against friction and painful irritation from overlapping or rubbing toes. Can also be used to protect sore or tender spots on the finger
  • Elastic sleeve hugs the digit and stays put, so you can wear it in any shoe, closed or open toe, and also when barefoot
  • Silicone gel cushioning helps prevent blistering and helps to relieve hot spots, such as painful warts, hard or soft corns
  • Molds to the skin, insulating the sensitive area against shock and pressure
  • Cut-to-fit for custom length
Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 x 0.25 x 4.5 in