AT Surgical Regular Quilted Bottom Reusable / Washable Body Movers With 3 Handles 34″ X 54”


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AT Surgical underpads are washable and extremely comfortable for patients. The material on the top of the bed pad is a soft blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The cotton/polyester blend faces the patient. These underpads are completely leak-proof, making things quite convenient for the nurses and other medical care providers. They can be washed many times and due to being lightweight, they dry quickly. With the reusable underpads that Trifecta offers, it is far easier for a healthcare provider to make a quick change of the underpad rather than of the entire bottom sheet. Also, by using these underpads, the moisture will be absorbed by the pad itself. This keeps the patient dry and prevents the mattresses from being ruined.
Cardinal Reusable quilted cotton-blend dry-touch top layer wicks moisture into the pad protecting the skin and maintaining skin wellness, a poly/rayon super absorbent layer absorbs and traps fluids, and a 100% waterproof vinyl backed polyester backing locks out moisture and staining. Bed Pads have added protection at the center where it is needed most. Machine washable and dry with bleach. Latex-free and lead-free. A non-slip bottom layer keeps the pad flat and in place.


  • Waterproof Barrier
  • Heavyweight Soaker
  • Multi-wash performance
  • Non-slip bottom layer keeps the pad in place
  • Added protection at the center where needed most
  • Machine wash and dry with bleach
  • Skin-friendly and heat-free soft fabric, Highly hygienic, breathable and durable
  • Reusable, economical and lightweight, Oeko-Tex quality standard
  • Can be sterilized up to 90 degree Celsius
  • Useful for babies and adults


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Washable: Yes
  • Texture: Semi-Soft
  • Material: Cotton/polyester


  • 1 Size


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