Ankle Support Kit-anklet-velcro®‑closure -best For Reducing Ankle Injury Pain,Swelling & Strain,Beige/White,8-12″



Ankle injury, pain, swelling & strain, all of these fall into the category of an unhealthy Ankle health. Ankle health is a crucial matter and needs to be taken care of instantly in order to avoid later Ankle health complications.
Thus, the right amount of sustained pressure surrounding the delicate joints is needed to heal the ankles and keeping them healthy.
The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE designed by AT Surgical, is designed with high care that truly reflects and demonstrates our commitment to the patient’s compliance and rapid recovery through unbiased superiority in the form of immobilization and ultimate comfort, rectifying ankle injury, pain, swelling & strain and making them healthy again.


    • Superior quality, American-made :

The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE is is designed and manufactured by AT Surgical in America.

AT Surgical ensures the highest quality by manufacturing products in line with its motto of providing patients with products of superior quality and ultimate comfort ensuring rapid recovery.

  • Injury Prevention/Cocoon for your Ankles : You might be suffering from an ankle injury, pain, swelling or strain and keep bumping your affected ankle with random objects. The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE , comes to action here.


The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE acts as a cocoon for your ankles helping them to avoid further injury and provides excellent support for sprained, strained or weakened ankles.

  • The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE applies even pressure across your ankle, thus offering excellent support for your muscles, improved circulation of blood, providing instant pain relief and fast recovery from ankle pain.
  • No obstacle to wear shoes: Even if you are wearing The AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE, it still lets you wear your shoes worry-free.
  • Recommended by Health Professionals : It is recommended and agreed by all Health professionals who take care of ankle injuries that the technologies like the Velcro® strap used by AT Surgicals to manufacture the AT 38V ANKLET-VELCRO®‑CLOSURE are all effective
    methods of providing support for you unhealthy ankles.



  • Size Available
  • S =8 – 9”
  • M= 9 – 10”
  • L=10 – 11”
  • XL= 11 – 12”


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