As spring sports roll around, it’s time to start stocking up on athletic supplies. This season, don’t forget some snazzy sleeves for your sporty superstar! The benefits of compression include reduction of blood lactate levels, which decreases muscle fatigue and damage, while their structural support reduces strain and bolsters endurance, strength and agility. Finally, performance enhancement without the side effects!

NoVarix Athletic Compression Leg Sleeves

compression sleeves for legs.Compression sleeves are an excellent tool in recovering from heavy activity, they help bring swelling down which eases pain and aching in the area. Compression sleeves also help keep you warm on days when it’s too cool for shorts on the field, but too warm for tights. If you’re a cross country track runner, wearing compression socks or compression sleeves on your legs help against nasty prickles, poison ivy contact, and itchy dirt while on the trail. And perhaps one of the most important parts, you look pretty damn cool while wearing them.

compression sleeves for armsNoVarix Athletic Compression Arm Sleeves

If you like the compression that our NoVarix Leg Sleeves give, then why not check out our NoVarix Compression Arm Sleeves? They’re available in the same stylish colors as our leg sleeves, six color options to match your team’s uniform as closely as possible. They help against abrasions from sliding into home base, scratches from branches, and apply the same swelling reduction as our leg sleeves.

Athletic Compression Dress Socks

compression socksAre you someone who spends lots of time in the office on your feet or running around, maybe you work retail and need some extra support – can I speak to your manager please? *cringe* Don’t worry, we have you covered. AT Surgical offers compression dress socks, so you don’t look like a style dud in athletic socks and trousers… We’ll forgive you this once.

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