For some of us, incontinence can be a second full-time job. For some it can be an old friend who needs your help at the most inconvenient times. No matter the severity, you cannot mess this up. At work, out on the town, or even in the car; an accident is inconvenient to say the least. We created this guide to help you figure out what you need from your incontinence pants.

  • Size: Absorbent pants come in many sizes, ours – like many match the size of your waist.
  • Absorbency: When manufacturers refer to absorbency, they are talking about the amount of liquid the garment can hold – usually measured in ounces.
  • Gender-Specific Design: Manufacturers will make different products for the bodies of different people, unless its a structural design, don’t fall for color marketing gimmicks. Unisex incontinence pants are great for everyone!
  • Contour: This refers to how the undergarment fits against the body. Special features such as flexible tabs and leg cuffs are meant to make the product fit snuggly and comfortably to your unique body. Molicare briefs, for example, feature fitted leg cuffs.
  • Odor Control: Don’t get stuck in a stinky situation, most incontinence pants have unique odor control technology.
  • Tabs: Tabs refers to the way pants are secured to your body. Ours comes in two styles – velcro and pull-up waist.
  • Moisture Wicking: Many incontinence garments have a means of moving water away from the body – make sure yours makes the cut.

Having Incontinence issues is more common than you think, and you should never feel embarrassed by what your body does. Keeping it in line with incontinence pants is a great option to keep the embarrassment down, but make sure you have the correct pants for your needs. Looking at these specific factors will help you target what your body needs most.

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