Medical practitioners began noticing the benefits of compression in Europe shortly before World War II. With the spread of knowledge and technology following WWII’s conclusion, the practice made it overseas. Naturally, Americans recontextualized compression technology, using it to prevent rather than treat ailments. Practitioners of sports medicine began studying the effects of compression on healthy, active subjects and it was proven that compression reduces blood lactate levels, decreases muscle fatigue and damage, along with a host of other benefits.

Since that discovery, athletes adopting the practice have been unveiling the benefits of compression even as science rushes to keep up.

As red blood cells move through the circulatory system, they replenish organs and muscles with oxygen to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. Improvement to blood circulation comes with a host of other benefits in addition to enhanced oxygenation, and due to the effect of compression, new benefits are being discovered for athletes and non-athletes alike.

The (Known) Benefits of Athletic Compression

    • Improved Blood Pressure Results
    • Increased oxygen delivery
    • Enhanced cognition
    • Optimal cardiovascular performance
    • Reduced muscle cramping
    • Healthier skin
    • Improved joint stability
    • Better cell growth & organ function
    • Bolstered strength and agility
    • Decreased lactic acid
    • Enhanced muscle endurance
    • Faster recovery from strenuous exercise

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