Diabetes foot care is not usually a big concern with people, the main concern for those with diabetes is regulating blood sugar. However, to many patients’ surprise – the symptoms do not stop there. Nearly 70 percent of people with diabetes, have some form of neuropathy. This is damage of the nerves in the hands or feet from poor or low circulation. Symptoms include lose of feeling in the hands and feet, or higher risk of infection. Here are 5 steps for taking care of your feet with diabetes.

Diabetes Foot Care

Step 1:
Inspect your feet daily

Patients should check their feet daily, to make sure no new discolorations, sores, or cracked/dry skin occur. Using a mirror for the under side of your feet, make sure you check the entire foot. Have someone help you if you cannot manage.

Step 2:
Check water temperature accurately

With intensive damage to the nerves of your feet and hands, you might find it harder to know when water is too hot. Hot tubs, baths/showers, and doing dishes can become a huge problem if the water is too hot and you cannot feel it. This can lead to scalding burns and blisters – which invite infection. Using your elbow will help you keep accurate readings of water temps.

Step 3:
Invest in good footwear and socks

Shoe shopping with a diabetes sufferer can become a real task. Making sure you have the right footwear and accessories is very important. Some tips include: looking for deeper toe boxes, and optimal coverage on the top and bottom of the foot. Also shying away from shoes and socks with seams inside that can rub against your feet. Socks should have padding and be really good at wicking away moisture. Check out our great compression socks!

Step 4:
Don’t go barefoot!

Along with checking water temperatures, you should never go barefoot in your own home. Nerve damage significantly decreases the foot’s ability to feel for any objects. Stepping on a lego isn’t a concern, but a thumbtack or getting a splinter becomes deadly. You may not feel the object cut or scrape your foot – allowing infection to grow and spread.

Step 5:
Orthotics are your friend

Keeping comfort in mind, getting a good pair of inserts can get be helpful. You can find great gel inserts for much less than a new pair of shoes, and for a whole lot more impact. We sell great inserts, like these or these.

Taking your diabetes care one step at a time is important and helps make it more manageable. Always talk to your doctor for recommendations on new products and treatments that help you overcome the troubles that diabetes brings to your life.

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